Stora famnen. Pappa Dallas i Rosengård (2009)

“…the book is very good… This is a story about work ethics, racism, discipline, upbringing and loads of other stuff. Yep, there´s lots of things to learn about in this book. Everyone should read it…”

(Maria Rydhagen, the Malmö daily Kvällsposten)

“His (Dallas´s) ethics may be old as hell, but it obviously originates in a love for those who become its objects. It is probably as close to a functioning principle one can come.”

(Jesper Högström, the Malmö daily Sydsvenskan)

“”Stora famnen” (“The Big Hug”) is a very important book that every school in Sweden should use in order to learn how to handle troublesome pupils… It is a highly readable book which provides hope for youth, that are otherwise easily counted out, but who through the agency of Dallas have become law-abiding citizens.”

(Johnny Månsson, the National Library Services)