About me

I am a Swedish reporter and author, working for newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. While specializing in in-depth journalism about social affairs, culture, politics, and the media, I also write columns, features, and travel stories.

I have written more than twenty nonfiction books, several of them dealing with American themes. Two of these are based on material that I have gathered during long stays on Indian reservations, while ”Cowboy” is a collection of stories from those backroads and backwaters in America where the news media rarely goes. These books have received extraordinary reviews in Sweden, and ”Cowboy”, now in its second edition, has been embraced for its clever use of language and its insights into lesser known parts of the US.

My other books in Swedish deal with topics such as honor culture and the strange politics attached to it, battered women in hiding, and Somalis living in Sweden.

The two books I have published in English have been very successful with American critics.

“West”, with Lars Strandberg (photo) and Ronnie Nilsson (design), is a big format production dealing with the American West, and it is released by US publisher Gibbs Smith. In 2012, “West” won the prestigious Swedish Design Award, in the books category. According to U.S. critics it is “unique”, “gorgeous”, “stunning”, “marvelous”, “uniquely perceptive and querying”, and “truly magnificent”; “an extraordinary coffee table book” and “a definite ‘must have’ book”.

Cowboys & Indians magazine writes that “‘West’ delves beneath the surface with a poetic investigative zeal. It’s a wide-open European perspective on the wide-open American spaces.”Sonoma Magazine says: “Those of us living in the American West – hell, everyone living in America – should give thanks to a trio of Swedes who bring us closer to ourselves with a collection of photos and essays that ring painfully, powerfully and yet lovingly true.”

“Floating in Sausalito” is my book about the colorful California houseboat culture, produced with Lars Strandberg (photo). When the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle picked their favorite Christmas gift books in December 2016, “Floating in Sausalito” was on both lists! All in all, the U.S. reviews have been very favorable: “Handsome and invaluable”, “Sensitive and compassionate”, “Improbably but brilliantly written and photographed by two Swedes named Lars”. In its review, German newspaper Welt am Sonntag calls it “A joy!”.

My 2017 book on integration and segregation in Sweden, “Framtidsstaden” (“City of The Future”), has gotten a lot of media attention and it shot to the top of the national internet bookstore bestseller lists as soon as it was published! In May 2018, my follow-up, “Landet där vad som helst kan hända” (“The Country Where Anything Might Happen”), was published and met with critical acclaim. It is a personal account of the effects of migration and the values and policies behind the changes taking place in Sweden.

In September 2018 my very first play for the stage, “Två aviga & en rät” (“Purl & Plain”), written with director Karin Parrot Jonzon, premiered at Uppsala Stadsteater: “Elegant chamber play about the elasticity of political language.”

November 2019 saw the publication of “All Inclusive”, my third book in the New Sweden trilogy, this time focusing on children growing up in a changed and segregated country. When the book was released, renowned editor Mats Edman wrote: “Lars Åberg deserves the foremost Swedish Journalism Award in 2020 for his nuanced and more than 20-year long coverage of the greatest social change in Sweden since the emigration to America. Courage, integrity, critical thinking, enlightened humanism – that’s how I view Lars Åberg’s work. He is unique, without real competition, and deserving of major recognition.”