Skåneboken/Cape Scania (2005)

“I thought I knew my Skåne well. But now that I read “Cape Scania” – my God, all these things that I have missed, all these golden gates that open up… it is hard to explain, but I am filled with something very positive, fantastic… “Cape Scania” really is a magnificent volume, which I hope will find many readers.”

(Authour Jonas Bergh in the daily Helsingborgs Dagblad)

“The lust for discovery is taking Åberg to a region that embraces steep and rapid waterfalls, magical virgin forests and an expansive stand of lonesome junipers, that you would hardly expect to find in Sweden´s most cultivated landscape… The texts are impressionistic, subjective and at times drifting into poetry…”

(Nils-Erik Ekstrand in Stockholm´s leading morning daily Dagens Nyheter)

“This year´s Christmas book is here… Three highly talented professionals have produced it… With such craftsmen it is bound to be a beautiful book.”

(Authour and film-maker Carl Henrik Svenstedt in the Malmö daily Kvällsposten)

“Every sentence is an appeal for reflection.”

(Per Lindström in the Malmö daily Sydsvenskan)

“The Skåne enthusiast…has received his bible.”

(Johanna Swanberg, the travel magazine Res)

“A poetic, delicate celebration of the region with texts and photographs by two locals, who are professionals in their trades and thus boosting each other.”

(The monthly magazine Skåne)

”It´s very beautiful, and beautifully produced.”

(Clair O’Leary, Book buyer, Tate Modern & Tate Britain in London)