The Wolf Catcher

Soon to be translated…

Rupert Murdoch doesn´t read books, he doesn´t watch television and he probably doesn´t know how to receive email.

He may be ruling one of the world´s greatest media empires, but he lives as if this was still the 1950´s and life circled around the placards and headlines of the single-copy newspaper.

“The Man Who Owns The News” is the title of the distinctively well-writing Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff´s book about Murdoch, which will be published in December and has already attracted attention, in part because in it the conservative mogul throws his support behind Barack Obama. And this is not unessential: media ownership on this level requires political maneuvering and Murdoch has found the proper wind direction before as he has transformed his British newspapers into propaganda vehicles for, first, Margaret Thatcher and, later on, Tony Blair.

During nine months Wolff followed the man who owns the news and who otherwise rarely gives any interviews.

“Here is a guy who more or less has done what he wants to and found out how to make a profit from it. And I thought: wow, jeez, that´s a kind of definition of a heavenly existence.”