Kluven tunga (1977)

“Åberg´s book is so good that one would like to see it widely spread and, preferably, used as supplementary reading in schools.”

(Jan Aghed in the Malmö daily Sydsvenskan)

“With its extremely well-written and informative reporting, the book is best described as the result of highly competent investigative journalism. For the first time, Swedish readers are given an opportunity to create a comprehensive picture of the living conditions of Native Americans in the U.S.A. today, and this image produces an appalling, but useful and inevitable rebuff of basic chapters in the development of Western society.

(Ola Persson in the Stockholm daily Svenska Dagbladet)

“”Kluven tunga” is a unique book in Swedish literature about Native Americans.”

(Author Tommy Eriksson in Södermanlands Nyheter)